Burton Manor consists of three venues which are all located on the same property. Each venue is completely separated from the other to ensure total privacy for our guests. The East Wing is currently the only side of the main property available from rental. Guests may have use of the main garden if it is agreed in advance when booking, even without the main garden there are two smaller gardens available for the use of guests in the East Wing.

The Lodge is completely separated from the main property and available for rental for up to 3 days across weekends and bank holidays. Guests at The Lodge will have no use of the gardens as they are reserved for guests in the East Wing.

We are flexible with check in times and try to assist with your arrival however we can. We will contact and guests shortly before their arrival to arrange a meeting time, if for some reason the agreed meeting time will not be possible please contact us immediately so that we can arrange another. If repeated rescheduling of the arrival time or late arrival occurs we may fine you.

All privately taken damage deposits will be held until the property can be assessed for damage and returned within 7-10 days on the condition that no damage is found.